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The Partnership for Access to Sickle Cell Services (PASS) Program

Featured Technologies:

Content Management System (CMS), Online Document Manager, XML News Feed

Case Study:

The Florida Partnership for Access to Sickle Cell Services is a model program of sickle cell disease support services that includes sickle cell trait screening, notification, follow-up, extended family testing, outreach, psychosocial support, genetic counseling, and education for identified individuals and families.

123YourWeb developed a site with a warm and welcoming feel with content driven by our flagship product, ThePHPCMS. This allows for easy updates to the website by non-technical administrators. A robust event registration function as well as a document submission manager is created using the custom form builder function of the CMS. Finally an XML news feed supplied by Google News is utilized to publish the most up to date news and information about Sickle Cell Services.


I asked 123YourWeb to design a website that would encompass warmth and inspire compassion and hope for a chronic illness that begins its impact at birth and into adulthood.  Within no time at all, Jeremy Schwartz and his team had two designs for me to review.  I was brought to tears when I saw the production of warmth come to life.  123YourWeb is just that - Your Web!  Thank you for creating a welcoming site that is user friendly and filled with up to date information.  123YourWeb is Simply the Best!

Lanetta Jordan, MD
Director, Sickle Cell Services
Memorial Healthcare System, Hollywood, Florida

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