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GreenProfit Solutions

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Sustainability. Made Easy.

The team at GreenProfit Solutions delivers sustainability. 

Put simply, they help clients become better businesses by streamlining inefficiencies.  Sustainability consultants can identify areas of expense reduction including energy consumption, waste disposal, and water usage, as but three examples of a comprehensive system.

Alongside the often significant cost savings and marketing benefits realized, they help clients become better community stewards.  Leading by example, they give back through volunteer efforts and pro-bono services that have directly benefited dozens of charitable causes.

The Challenge - Website Redesign & Redevelopment

GreenProfit Solutions, an established small business with an existing, successful web presence, was seeking to move upmarket and begin working with more large corporations. 123YourWeb was presented the opportunity to design a site that would be attractive and clear to "C-Level" decision makers. Working closely with the GreenProfit Solutions team, and using our robust CMS - ThePHPCMS - 123YourWeb developed a site that is both dynamic and easy to use. With the addition of a robust eCommerce module, live RSS and XML feeds, news lettters and more, GreenProfit Solutions can now manage information about their services and marketing more directly.

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