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Brain Healing Center

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Content Management System (CMS), JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

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123YourWeb created an attractive and easy to navigate website for this client. Using ThePHPCMS, 123YourWeb's flagship content management system, 123YourWeb also made the site easy for the owners to update on a day to day basis without knowing any HTML at all.

Your mind is the General and your body responds like soldiers.

When your General is making decisions without the proper connections and information, health becomes an issue for the soldiers. This means that your mind needs to learn how to connect and store information correctly so that the body can be healthy. When you are healthy, you are happy. When you are happy, your quality of life is exceptional! are a group of practitioners that have multiple skills and distinct knowledge in the area of healing brain disorders.They  are devoted to healing through the integration of traditional and complementary treatments.They  believe that the holistic integrated treatment approaches are more effective, and are gentler on the patient's body and spirit.

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