ThePHPCMS - Content Management Software for Small Businesses

ThePHPCMS is an easy to use, full-featured, robust, portable and customizable content management solution. Geared for small to medium size businesses (SMBs) who want to have a powerful, template driven sites that don't look like templates, ThePHPCMS will work with ANY HTML template by just adding a few lines of code.

Multi Platform Compatible
Designed for web professionals by web professionals, ThePHPCMS is portable. Deployed in hundreds of web sites, ThePHPCMS is used on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Macintosh with ease. Developed using PHP and MySQL, ThePHPCMS will easily find a home on almost any professional web hosting service without having to pay for extras.

Custom Web Site Templates
With many solutions to choose from, why would someone choose ThePHPCMS. For many SMBs, professional and customizable solutions are too expensive and cheap, off -the -shelf products all end up looking the same. In today's internet driven economy, it is critical to have a unique web site that meshes properly with a company's brand and identity. ThePHPCMS works with every major web page editor on the market. You can create templates in Dreamweaver, Front Page, Go Live, BBEdit, Eclipse and more. That is because ThePHPCMS uses just a few simple PHP tags to drive all content which can be placed into any template. And its easy because every major HTML page editor understands and can handle PHP tag inserts.

CSS Rules
All content within ThePHPCMS is delivered via simple PHP tags as described above. But the real flexibility comes into play as each element is created in easily identified <div> elements. This allows web designers to have FULL CONTROL over all page elements. From headlines to footnotes, there are NO RESTRICTIONS.

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