Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM) are critical in making sure your website is found by your target clients. It does not matter if your website is the best looking or easiest to navigate, if no one can find your site, then it is not working.

There are two major methods of SEO and SEM - Paid Listing and Organic (or natural) Listing. 123YourWeb can create and manage a hybrid program which takes adavantage of both methods. If you are lucky enough to have a budget available for Paid Listings, we can reseach your market and competitors to create a well defined and focused Pay-Per-Click strategy. If you want to be #1 in Google and you have the budget, we can make this happen.

However, many SEO companies will not even suggest Organic listings. At 123YourWeb we think this is the most important part of SEO. You bring in traffic by using content that works, linking strategies, and adding value via interactivity and a great user experience, at significant savings.

Money will definitely be spent in the areas of site redesign and probably in getting content but then again, if you are are building your web site on a low (or nonexistent) budget, organic SEO is definitely the way to go. It may take some time, but you will actually grow in real time experience as you move towards your SEO goals.

The Myth of Overnight Success

There are few things that frustrate a web site owner than the assumption that a large goal (such as getting to number one for a keyword on Google) can be done overnight. Many believe a basic Organic SEO program executed for an unknown site can be done over the course of a few days, via content refreshing alone.

The issue with this myth is that customers actually believe it. They post jobs such as "We want to be number one in the following key words" then list close to a dozen key words, and everything has to be done under a budget of a thousand dollars and in record time. Organic SEO works, is adaptable and ensures high rankings on the search engines over time despite changing algorithms, but nobody can guarantee anything in a month.

Let 123YourWeb be your SEO partner. We will create a robust hybrid program of Paid and Organic SEO and help to monitor and 'tweak' your web site and listings to get the best results possible.

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